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How to use Cutimed® Sorbact® Hydroactive.

Product description:

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is an bacteria-binding, non-adhesive absorbent wound dressing. Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive consists of a highly absorbent hydropolymer matrix with an bacteria-binding Sorbact mesh (Sorbact acetate fabric coated with dialkyl carbamoyl chloride – DACC) and is covered by a semipermeable polyurethane film.

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is available in 5 sizes:

7 x 8.5 cm, 14 x 14 cm, 19 x 19 cm, 24 x 24 cm and 14 x 24 cm.



Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is indicated for contaminated, colonised or infected wounds with low to high exudate levels, such as chronic wounds (venous and arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and pressure ulcers), postoperative dehisced wounds and traumatic wounds.



Do not use Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive on dry wounds or cavity wounds. Do not use on patients with known sensitivity to the dressing components.


Warnings and Precautions:

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is packaged for single use. Do not re-use or re-sterilise as this there is a risk of transmission of body fluids or contaminated tissue between patients. Do not use if pouch is opened or damaged. Discard any open dressings. Frequency of dressing change of Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is dependent upon the wound condition and exudate level. Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive can remain in place for up to 4 days.

When in contact with wound exudates, the highly absorbent hydropolymer matrix changes from yellow to brown. This indicates the dressing has become saturated and should be changed when exudate absorption reaches a maximum of 1cm from the edge of the hydroploymer.

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is suitable for use in combination with compression therapy for contaminated, colonised or infected wounds with low to moderate exudate level at low pressure.

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive can not be cut to shape. Avoid overlapping two or more Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive dressings.

Do not use Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive in combination with ointments or creams as they may interfere with the dressing’s antimicrobial efficacy.


Directions for use:

  1. Clean the wound as usual.

  2. Select an appropriate dressing according to wound size. For best results, make sure Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive overlaps the wound margins by at least 2 cm.

  3. Remove the protective film and apply the green plain (unprinted) side of the dressing to the wound.

  4. If required, use a bandage for fixation. Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive is compatible with gauze bandages, elastic gauze bandages, transparent film dressing and tapes for border fixation.

  5. Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive should be changed as often as dictated by the wound condition. As with all absorbent dressings, monitoring is required to ensure the dressing does not dry out and adhere to the wound. The dressing should be changed when it becomes cloudy or opaque from fluid absorption. In wounds that show signs of clinical infection, a more frequent wound inspection is advised. In these cases, an appropriate systemic treatment should be considered.


Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive should be stored in dry conditions below 25 °C / 77 °F.

Store the dressing flat.


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