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Cutimed Siltec Sorbact

Safe exudate management,
effective infection control

Rapid and reliable absorption and fluid management even under compression

  • Super-absorbing particles retain wound exudate, even under compression
  • Polyurethane foam helps maintain a moist wound environment for effective moist wound healing
  • Vertical absorption and semipermeable top layer help prevent maceration
  • Also ideal for highly viscous exudate



Convenient, safe and patient-friendly

  • Gentle, readjustable silicone fixation border
  • Transparent top layer allows easy inspection of dressing saturation
  • Residue-free dressing removal
  • Low risk of allergies, no side effects and non-irritating for safe use
  • Helps remove exudate and reduce odor



Offers infection prevention and control by utilizing the advantages of Cutimed Sorbact bacteria-binding technology



Gentle, readjustable silicone fixation border allows painless, atraumatic dressing changes.
  1. Semipermeable polyurethane film
  2. Highly absorbent polyurethane foam with super-absorbers
  3. Bacteria-binding Sorbact acetate mesh
  4. Silicone adhesive border
  5. Transparent release liner